How to Survive Long Distance Flights

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How to Survive Long Distance Flights

Long distance flights can be one of the worst nightmares for some travelers. That’s particularly the case for travelers that are not used to traveling a lot on planes. But, you can make the experience more enjoyable and refreshing with a little preparation and tips for managing the discomfort. Here are important ideas to help you deal with the exhaustion of long haul flights.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Sitting still on a flight for over eight hours under the chilly aircon systems can cause serious discomfort. Wearing clothes that are a bit heavy will help you keep warm and calm through the trip. With regards to footwear, consider putting on closed toes shoes instead of flip flops. Additionally, avoid shoes that are too tight and clunky.

Choose a Good Seat

When planning a long haul flight, think ahead and select a better seat. If you need more leg room, seats at the exit rows are the best. If you are a traveler that is bothered by crying babies, avoid the seats at the front of the plane. Aisle seats on the other hand, are the most suitable for travelers that may want to move around the plane during flight.

Carry Your Snacks

While food is served to passengers during long distance flights, it may not be available whenever you need it. Besides, the food might not include what you want. In order to keep away hunger pangs, remember to pack a few snacks like nuts, cereal and chocolate bars or dried fruits in your hand luggage. Drinking plenty of water during the flight is also important because it prevents dehydration.

Find Ways to Relax

Being on a flight for several hours without mobile phone coverage or anyone to attend to your personal needs can be boring. To release the stress, find something relaxing to do during the flight. For instance, you can carry a novel and read it during the flight. You can also carry a guide book or something to watch on your tablet, Smartphone or flight’s entertainment system. You can also use the free time to interact with other passengers and make new friends.

These are some of the tips that will enable you to survive long distance flights. They make flights more relaxing and enjoyable. Try them to avoid emerging from the flight exhausted and fatigued.