How Travel Insurance Covers You When a Parent is Ill

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You Will Be Covered If You Have a Parent in a Stable Condition When You Buy Insurance

Covering trip interruption or trip cancellation because of a medical issue with an aging parent is a major reason why many travelers buy insurance. But, many travelers are afraid of traveling because they may have to go back home before the end of their trip when a parent’s condition worsens. For that reason, many travelers want to know circumstances under which they will be covered by travel insurance.

Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver

Actually, this is a serious cause for concern for a couple with a terminally ill parent. That’s because if there is a sick parent or an in-law, it’s not easy to know the available option. In most cases, coverage terms are the same for trip interruption and trip cancellation. But, there are things that you should bear in mind.

A medical condition is considered stable when your parent is undergoing treatment for a medical problem but it hasn’t changed to warrant a medical plan change or change in prescription drugs within 90 days before purchasing the policy. Maybe you believe that it is unlikely for the health of your parent to deteriorate seriously when traveling. However, you might want to ensure that you will be covered if something requires you to go back home.

If a Parent is Receiving Palliative Care when Buying Insurance and the Condition Worsens

If you have a parent in palliative care like hospice when purchasing your insurance then the condition worsens, your insurance company will not cover trip interruption or trip cancellation claim. This will be considered as a known risk since you already knew that your parent was in hospice and you didn’t expect the condition to improve. But, if your parent dies while receiving hospice care, your insurance will cover both trip interruption and trip cancellation. That’s because death is considered a “dramatic downturn in health.”

This might apply to travelers only and not to family members. However, there are policies that provide pre-existing waiver to travelers and their family members.

These are some of the things to know about travel insurance cover for people with ill parents. It’s however important to check with your insurance providers to know what exactly will be covered by your policy.